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About Us

Canvenia is a collaboration dedicated to strength in mind and security in body.  Products and tools are designed to strengthen you, your family, and your business. 

You will find a wide range of resources such as downloadable journals, workbooks, ebooks, and business tools, all centered around the crucial themes of mental wellness and emergency preparedness.  We are thankful to be in the space at this time.  As pressures mount, you have resources. 

Simplify your life, get prepared for emergencies the easy way, and build resilience through these valuable tools in the face of life’s challenges.


Mental Health Professionals are supported by our low-cost, high-qualtiy digital tools to help build success and expand reach.  They will find a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (7 day money-back!) to help ensure we are meeting the benchmarks of our mental heatlh specialists. 

Families will find digital tools and real-life challenges — all of which are designed to help parents build bonds and security.  

Newly Designed Templates

Monthly, these fresh and modern templates are perfect for those looking to refresh their brand image and offer a unique experience to their audience.

Business Templates

With modern and stylish designs that can easily be customized, these templates are perfect for those looking to enhance their brand image and create a professional online presence.