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This page is dedicated to providing you with links to family-friendly, child-empowering books that are available at no cost to you.

At this time we are limited to providing you with the information to empower you to download your free Kindle books.  Their operations are constantly changing, and we will continue to work to empower you.  Visit Amazon and search using this search term: 

“free to buy kindle books 0.00 kids”

Thank you for choosing Canvenia.com for your child’s literary exploration!

While we thank you for your interest, we do not have any way for authors or publishers to purchase or request placement at this time.

Similarly, we do not have any reason to request or accept book suggestions, since our methods of offering you high-quality, free books are simple and high-quality.

At the time we upload the info, the books are free.  Since each book has a sales period that is based on the time-zone of the one offering the promotion, the sale may be off before we remove it from our list, so PLEASE note the price before clicking the buy button!  🙂


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