Meet Luca.  He is your protagonist neighbor who goes on endless adventures with his family. His book series called Luca Goes is designed to introduce children to various outdoor sports while teaching them to appreciate the natural world and its many wonders. Each adventure takes Luca and his family to a new and exciting destination — all local — where they encounter challenges, surprises, and new friends along the way.

The books are beautifully illustrated with stunning 3D renderings that capture the imagination and invite readers into their own adventure. In the first book, children will join Luca on a thrilling river tubing adventure. In the second book, they will join Luca on a treasure hunt using GPS technology. Future books will feature Luca and his family on exciting expeditions such as king fishing, bear hunting, ATV riding, cross-country skiing, and more. (Don't worry!  No bear gets hurt! Or at least barely.)

Throughout each story, children will learn about the sport at hand and the natural environment that surrounds them, including various wildlife species. The stories also highlight the importance of preparation, overcoming challenges, and the value of friendship.  

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