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Life Coach WorkBook - 60 Page Templates Designed for Online Coaches

Download this 60 page template especially designed for online coaches, course creators and bloggers looking for creating an ebook in minimal style. We have done the design work for you, all you need to do is drag-and-drop your images, replace text with your content and update the colors in line with your brand for your online business or workbook.

Create your courses, workbooks, challenges, lead magnets, webinars, catalogs and freebies. Use graphics, duplicate pages and create several eBooks by investing in only one template.

 This eBook can be easily edited on the free version of CANVA. Just need to customize colors, fonts, pictures and feel free to move around frames and elements.


- Cover Page x6
- Welcome Page x2
- What Do You Live For?
- Introduction x2
- Table of Contents
- Chapter One - Discover your life purpose
- The 7 reasons for a life purpose
- Life purpose in a nutshell
- Worksheet
- The importance of purpose in life
- Chapter Two - Your life purpose vision
- The fundamentals
- Life purpose vision activity
- Life purpose vision reflection
- Chapter Three - Your life purpose statement
- Definition of life purpose statement
- 5 Examples Of Life Purpose Statements That You Could Adopt
- Find your life purpose statement
- Chapter Four - Your life purpose goals
- Why are life purpose goals important
- 5 key steps will help you achieve better results with your goals
- Identify your life purpose goals by using the SMART goal setting.
- Chapter Five - Your life purpose action plan
- How to create an action plan
- Your success planner
- Testimonials Page x2
- Successful story x1
- Checklist
- 7 Day Challenge
- Helpful resources x2
- Join more courses